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Doing Business In Woodland

The Woodland Chamber of Commerce’s Economic Development Committee’s mission is to make it easier to do business in Woodland. In 2011 the “How to Start Your Business in Woodland” – A step by step guide was completed. In 2012 the committee will focus on helping existing businesses maneuver through the permitting processes.

If you would like demographics for the city please click: to go to the City of Woodland’s Economic Development webpages.

Are you interested in Shopping Local?  Would you like to have your business listed on a shopping site?  The City of Woodland currently offers Shop QA.  Register your business today.

If you have a business in Woodland and you are not ADA Compliant, please go to the homepage and click on the link for information.

Additionally, if you are interested in shopping locally online.  Members that offer online shopping will be identified by (SOL) in the Chamber’s Bussiness/Member Directory.

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