Woodland History

It was the pioneering farmers of the mid-1800s who sowed the seeds of commerce that are reflected in the thriving economy of Woodland today. These were men of the earth who recognized Yolo County`s rich soil, temperate climate and effective transportation systems. In the winter of 1853 Henry Wycoff settled in a dense grove of oak trees and opened a small store; soon other businesses followed suit, including a store owned by Major F. S. Freeman. He offered free lots to those who would clear the land and build homes, and before long the settlement of Yolo County was renamed Woodland; in 1862, the Yolo County seat transferred to Woodland from present-day West Sacramento.

With its strong historic heritage still evident today in the impressive stock of restored buildings and homes, both downtown and in surrounding neighborhoods, Woodland`s agricultural setting is largely responsible for the community`s distinct identity and economic vitality. Various transportation routes, as important today as the railroads of the 1800s, create a wealth of opportunities for industry and commerce. Easily termed in the “Heart of California,” Woodland`s proximity to the state capital of Sacramento places it near the political pulse of the state. Outside the San Francisco seismic area, Yolo County covers an area of 1,034 square miles – bounded by the Sacramento River on the east; Putah Creek on the south; Colusa County on the north; and the Coast Ranges (Little Blue Ridge and Vaca Mountain Range) on the west.

Home prices in Woodland are attractive relative to California real estate standards, and available housing ranges from Victorian treasures in the downtown core area to newly built homes. According to the California Association of Realtors, the median home price as of 2007 was $369,450 for a 3/4 bedroom home. The City of Woodland and Yolo County are working together to meet increasing demand for residential growth and affordable housing with the population of Woodland expected to reach 71,250 by the year 2025.

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