Have you ever noticed that out of town visitors know more about the attractions in your hometown then the people that live in the city? This is a common occurrence. Yet all of us should take time to look around and appreciate what we have here in Woodland and Yolo County.

We recommend you take a stroll down First or College Streets. We have a collection of some of the finest Victorian and craftsmen houses in the country. The occupants value their properties and treat them as the assets they are. The downtown is home to many antique shops and quaint restaurants.

As soon as you leave the City limits, you are surrounded by some of the richest farmland in the world. It acts as a buffer to the urban sprawl confronting the rest of the Sacramento area and offers a visual delight when driving around the area. There are also working farms in the area where you can visit and learn about the effort it takes to grow the food we eat. For those of you that love to shop on the east end of the city along I-5 is the new Gateway Shopping Center (Costco/Target/Best Buy/In N Out/Michaels/Famous Footwear) and the newly renovated County Fair Fashion Mall (Burlington Coat Factory/JC Penney Co./Wat-Mart Neighborhood) is located on East Street and Gibson Road.

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